About us

Founded in 2015 by two brothers with a keen eye for men’s fashion, MJ Collection is a contemporary men’s jewellery and accessory brand that brings the latest trends from around the globe to the South African man. Each design is manufactured in Europe with the greatest attention to detail, using timeless materials such as 100% leather and semi-precious stones to produce classic accessories with modern appeal. Every beaded and leather MJ Collection bracelet is handmade to perfection with craftsmanship and care, and is completed with the brand’s signature logo charm.

MJ Collection focuses on creating pieces that add sophistication and style to every man’s wardrobe. In our dedication to deliver high quality accessories that are infused with artistic flare, MJ Collection has become the definition of contemporary elegance and luxury. We are committed to providing quality products that effortlessly cater for the personal taste of every man, while ensuring an excellent online shopping experience and the delivery of superb customer service.

New designs are introduced to our selection twice a year, as MJ Collection is always abreast of evolving trends. Our mission is to grow as a South African fashion brand that is recognised for our unique, fashionable jewellery and accessory designs not commonly found in South Africa.